January 2018 Island Adventures Update

Transient Orcas in Puget Sound (from 2017)

Friends of Island Adventures,
We wanted to give a little update of what’s been happening in the last few weeks since our final 2017 tour at the end of December.  
Our crew has been working very hard this month, sprucing up all three vessels and making improvements to ensure that our fleet continues to be the best in the Pacific Northwest!  In addition, we’ve been designing and ordering some fun new merchandise for our Anacortes and Port Angeles gift shops that you can look for on your next visit. 
While we haven’t been on the water in the last few weeks, rest assured that the whales have still been quite active! On January 3rd, the T100’s and T124A’s families of mammal-eating orcas were spotted in Haro Strait, with at least the T100’s continuing south into Puget Sound the following day.   The T100’s returned to Puget Sound along with the T90’s later in the month, being spotted on both January 13th and 15th near Elliot Bay and Pt. Townsend respectively.  
The transients aren’t the only ones keeping busy during our short hiatus – residents, or salmon-eating orcas, have been seen as well!  K Pod paid a visit to Dalco Passage, the area between Vashon Island and Pt. Defiance, on January 6th.  
There have also been multiple reports of humpbacks whales in the Strait of Juan de Fuca near Race Rocks.  While many humpbacks travel south for winter, if the food is plentiful and there’s no need to breed, they may spend the entire year in the area – very neat!  
As for Island Adventures, we’ll be resuming tours on February 17th with the kickoff of our 2018 Anacortes season.  We also eagerly await the annual return of the gray whales, with the Everett season starting up on March 3rd.  
We look forward to being back on the water soon – just a few weeks away! 

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As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to recap another active year in the Salish Sea! Minke whales were seen on 53 tours, and while the salmon-eating resident orcas got off to a slow start, they showed up in the fall, bringing the total number of encounters to 66. Gray whales were spotted on 76 tours, mostly during the springtime Everett season. The “Humpback Comeback” rages on with humpbacks found on 261 tours, and winning the title this year were the mammal-eating transient orcas with an impressive 283 sightings! 2017 wasn’t just a busy year for whales, but for Island Adventures as a company as well. We opened a gift shop in downtown Port Angeles, launched a brand new program from La Conner, and welcomed the game-changing Island Explorer 5 in Anacortes. Thank you for your continued support and helping to make it all possible! We are so excited to see what 2018 has in store. Happy New Year everyone!

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Join us on Saturday at 11:00 AM for the last Anacortes tour of 2017! Stay warm and toasty aboard the most comfortable vessel in the Northwest, the Island Explorer 5. Resident orcas, transient orcas, and humpback whales have all been spotted near the San Juan Islands this week alone! Book online at www.orcawhales.com using code “ANAWinter” and save $20 per person. Help spread the word. We hope to see you all there as we say goodbye to 2017 in style!

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In need of a last minute gift for Christmas? There are still a few days remaining for our holiday gift certificate sale! Now through Christmas Eve, certificates for all 2018 whale watch tours are HALF OFF! Whether it’s our 3-hour springtime gray whale tour, our classic 4-5 hour tours from Port Angeles and Anacortes, or our extended 7-8 hour tour from La Conner, we have an option for everyone. The best thing is that certificates are emailed to you instantly, so you’ll get them with plenty of time to spare before Christmas! Purchase online at http://ift.tt/2zg82dE

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Whether you’re not quite done with your Christmas shopping or would like a well-deserved gift for yourself this holiday season, Island Adventures has just the thing! Now through Dec. 24th, all 2018 whale watch certificates are 50% off! The best part is they are electronic, so you’ll receive them in your inbox right away. Order now at http://ift.tt/2AaeMxQ!

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📣 CONTEST RESULTS: Great guesses everyone! The answer to the question, “How many whale watching tours has Island Adventures operated so far in 2017?” is 613! Since it’s the season of giving, we decided to award the THREE closest answers a pair of tickets each for Saturday’s tour! Congratulations to Kathy, Lee, and Linda for your incredibly close guesses! For all others that guessed, we want to offer a little something for you as well. If you’d like to join us for either the Dec. 9th or Dec. 30th Anacortes tours, use coupon code ANAWinter to get $20 off the adult ticket price and $10 off each child’s ticket. Everyone’s a winner! See you on the water…

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***TOUR GIVEAWAY*** Despite the cooler temperatures, whale sightings have been as hot as ever! In the last week alone, resident orcas, transient orcas, humpbacks, AND minke whales have all been spotted in the Salish Sea! To take advantage of the action, in addition to our Seattle departures, we’ve added two Anacortes tours to the December schedule with the first coming up THIS Saturday, Dec. 9th at 11:00 AM aboard the Island Explorer 5. To celebrate this special offering, we are giving away TWO tickets for Saturday’s Anacortes cruise. To win, leave a comment with your guess of how many tours Island Adventures has run so far in 2017 from all five of our locations. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning, so don’t delay. Bonus? The weather for this weekend looks great! Good luck!

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