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Humpback Whales from PA

Port Angeles:
Trip Highlights:
*At least 7 Humpback whales 
*California and Steller sea lions at Race Rocks
We headed out from Port Angeles Boat Haven with a little rain falling down today and we aimed toward Victoria where another boat found a pair of humpbacks.  When we arrived these whales spent plenty of time at the surface for us, but they didn’t show their tail flukes for a long time until one of them finally did a sideways move in the water and raised its flukes in the air at the same time.  Yay!  One of the whales was Split Fin (BCZ0298)  While we watched them one of our passengers spotted another whale surfacing behind us in the distance.  After spending plenty of time with this pair swimming side by side we decided to move on and look for more.  We cruised in to take a look at the sea lions at Race Rocks for a while then headed southward in hopes of finding more.  Sure enough, we spotted two more humpbacks swimming together off in the distance.  They went down for a deep dive and when they finally surfaced again they were behind us.  We settled in to watch them and then a third whale showed up too.  One of the whales was raising its tail flukes for us pretty regularly.  Eventually the rain stopped and we spotted a rainbow right next to Race Rocks Lighthouse making for a great photo op.  So everybody pointed their cameras in the direction of the rainbow, and wouldn’t you know it, one of the humpback whales came flying out of the water right in front of the boat doing a cartwheel!  Everybody missed that shot!  Pretty soon after that action it was time to head back toward the dock, but on the way back we managed to find one more whale.  We only had time for a fly-by view of this one, but as we sailed off a few of our passengers saw it breach in the distance behind us!  Next Saturday is our last trip of the year so be sure to come out with us if you need some whale time before the year is over!  Naturalist Bart Rulon  

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And the 2015 Photo Contest GRAND PRIZE goes to…. GWEN BERTHIEZ for this beautiful photo of a humpback breaching on September 29th, 2015. Congratulations on winning a season pass for the 2016 season :D This photo is not on an amazing shot of a humpback, but it is really all encompassing of the Pacific Northwest and it is VERY Anacortes!! Check out the scenery behind the humpback, that is Mount Erie lined up perfectly infront of Mt. Baker! Simply gorgeous! We would like to thank everyone who submitted photos this year. There were so many to choose from and they were all incredible! We cannot wait to get started again next year — March will be here before we know it!

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Due to the fact that this photo captures an event that the whale watching industry has been talking about since October 23rd, 2015 and it is crystal clear and that it is just plane EPIC, we have decided to add in a ROUND #5 FLICKR Photo Contest Winner!!! Thank you Charles Russell for sharing the amazing photos of this once-in-a-lifetime seal punt!!! We truly believe that this photo (and the all the photos in the sequence) deserve a FREE trip for 2 back out with us during the 2016 season! Congratulations! Please take a moment to visit the link below to see all of the photos Mr. Russell and his wife captured of this amazing event! (Stay Tuned for the announcement of the 2015 GRAND PRIZE WINNER to come tomorrow!)

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