It’s time to start making your 4th of July plans! This year we are offering evening fireworks cruises from both Port Angeles and Anacortes. These tours sell out fast, so make your reservations early at! πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

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We’ve ordered a couple more β€œno puffin” no smoking signs as it was mentioned that there were some spots that were still an issue. They are in Matt’s office, just double check the locations with Shane Aggergaard before you put them on permanently.

via Island Adventures Whale Watching

All of our whale tours have departed for the day, but if you’re still looking to get out on the water, we’ve got space on our Deception Pass wildlife tour tonight at 6:00 PM! Hop onto the Island Explorer 4 in La Conner and unwind as we cruise under the iconic Deception Pass bridge. Grab your spot at See you then! #lovelaconner #exploreskagit #visitskagit #deceptionpass

via Island Adventures Whale Watching

June 8, 2018

Anacortes AM 

Anacortes PM

This afternoon we started off our tour heading North towards some whales two hours off the dock. As we were cruising North towards these whales, we stopped around Pea Pod rocks where we saw harbor seals and a bald eagle on top of the navigation marker. We then continued North all the way North of Active Pass where we arrived on scene with over a dozen killer whales! They were spending tons of time out on the surface where they were tail slapping, spy hopping and breaching! The whales were very active but as time passed, we had to make our way back towards Anacortes… until we heard report of two humpbacks just up a couple minutes away! We went and saw them fluke a couple of times until we had to wave goodbye and make our way back to the dock! It was an amazing trip on a not so amazing weather day, which just goes to show that whales can be found rain or shine!:)

– Clare

Port Angeles

We had such a wonderful humpback-y time today! We were only out of the harbor for maybe 15 minutes before a passenger made our first whale sighting (likely HB) that McKenna also saw, but this whale didn’t resurface within sight again. We waited on it for a bit while Nate gathered intel on other humpback sightings up near the rock pile. We headed up that way and were met with a nice long humpback feeding show. We saw everything! Lunge-feeding, pectoral fin slaps, lobbing, splashes and tail flukes upon tail flukes. Our passengers were so excited and really played a big role in spotting whales today! After spending quite a bit of time wandering through the Rock Pile area (there were up to 8 humpbacks recorded in this area today!) we took a jaunt up to Race Rocks and saw our California Sealions and one half of the Bald Eagle mated pair. It was a full day of wildlife today, and our passengers were happy and excited when we returned and appeared to have a great time despite of the rain that made it over to us on the way back.

Thanks a bunch!

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