Clear Skies, Calm Waters, and LOTS of Whales!


10:00 AM

We headed out with clear blue skies and flat calm water. As we cruised down Rosario strait Captain Carl found us a minke whale that gave us some great looks. After that we continued south toward the Olympic peninsula we got two harbor seals in a very intense fight at Smith bank. They were really at each other’s throats. We continued from there to eastern bank where we joined two humpbacks that were traveling east. We got lots of flukes from them as they traveled west. After that we went toward Dungeness spit and joined the T60’s. We had an amazing show watching them as they traveled taking the occasion deep dive. We were seeing lots of porpoise near the T’s but they seemed uninterested. After that we headed to Colville for some more harbor seals and then returned to anacortes

3:30 PM 
We cut north up the east side of Guemes Island, heading in the direction of recent whale reports. We continued north past Barnes and Clark, stopping on the north side of Sucia to visit with over fifty hauled out harbor seals and some foraging oyster catchers. Not ten minutes later we were on scene with transient killer whales. We had to cut the engines as they made an abrupt turn to come check out our boat. We sat in awe as the T65A pod of five dove under our boat and continued towards Mt. Baker in the distance. We cruised with them for some time, watching as they slowly cruised and appeared to be in resting mode. We hugged the west coast of Lumi Island on our trip home, stopping off at Viti Rocks to watch the double-crested cormorants drying out after their dives. 

Port Angeles

Fantastic is the only way to describe the weather conditions. Blue skies. mirror like water and warm air all made for the perfect day. We headed north knowing there were reports of transient orcas near Trial Island heading south. Along the way we spotted harbor porpoise and lots of common murres. Mt Baker was outstanding today. Making our way across the straits we eventually caught up the the orcas to find the T60 family of 5 including T60 the mom, her 16 year old son T60C, his younger brother T60D, a nine yearly sibling T60E and their youngest sister at 5 years old T60E. They were traveling west  as a family unit for quite a while and then they separated  into 2 groups in possibly hunt mode. We stayed with them for along time and as other boats arrived on scene we decided to go look for other animals. We headed east to where our sister ship the IE5 had found 2 humpbacks  and had some amazing closeups as the came along side our boat. As we got their they decided they needed to go somewhere out west so they started traveling side by side  as we kept pace with them getting some really great looks at their flukes and finding they are not in our ID catalog,one being a solid  black fluke the other an all white fluke..Their travels once again took us near to our orca family as they had continued traveling south so we departed the humpbacks to go watch the orcas one more time. Lucky for us they headed west and took us towards home so we were able to get some more quality time with the T60’s  and even had some awesome close passes. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

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