Orcas and Humpbacks from Both Locations!

Port Angeles Highlights:
Lone Male Transient Orca
Humpback Whale
HUGE Elephant Seals!

It was a beautiful day – cloudy but calm waters greeted us. As we headed out into the straits, about 40 harbor seals were hauled out on the tip of Ediz Hook. Our search for whales brought us into Canadian waters where we were treated to one lone adult male transient orca slowly traveling eastward in a sleepy mode. After watching him for awhile we received a call about a humpback whale not far off so we ventured over to check him out. Calm waters must have put our whale friends in a sleepy mood for the humpback was also in a slow sleep travel mode. We left him to his nap and headed over to Race Rocks where we saw and amazing array of pinnipeds including our small harbor seals, barking California sea lions, and lounging steller sea lions. Our biggest treat was the large amount of massive elephant seals we witnessed!  A pair of bald eagles and lots of pigeon guillemots completed the scene. Harbor porpoise were spotted quickly surfacing through the water during our travels. The day ended with lots of sunshine  and smiles.

Anacortes Highlights:
Transient Orcas
Humpback Whale
Bald Eagles
Steller Sea Lions

More details coming soon!

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