Orcas for Everyone – And a Sea Otter Too!

Port Angeles Highlights
Transient Orcas
Sea Otter
Steller Sea Lions
Harbor Seals
Bald Eagle
Gorgeous clear blue skies today!  Just off the tip of Ediz Hook we encountered about twenty harbor seals hauled out on the beach enjoying the sunshine, and there were a few swimming nearby as well. We got a report of orcas east of Victoria so we made a b-line north across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. At the south tip of Sidney Channel we caught up with two groups of transient orcas headed north at about 4 knots. One of the groups included the T137’s and T124D and calf, T124D1. They were two distinct groups with some distance between them but they seemed to be traveling together. After getting great looks at the killer whales, we headed to Race Rocks where we were treated to some hauled out Steller sea lions, many more harbor seals, Brandt’s cormorants, harlequin ducks, a mature bald eagle, and a great find – a sea otter floating in the kelp!  These animals were nearly wiped out due to the fur trade We then cruised back to the marina, catching a few brief looks at harbor porpoises along the way!

Anacortes Highlights
Transient Orcas
Spieden Island Animals
Bald Eagle
Steller Sea Lions
Harbor Seals
We started the trip heading south down Rosario Strait passing the occasional harbor porpoise on the way.  We even got a great look at Deception Pass Bridge!  Near Beaumont Shoal we found a group of Dall's porpoise.  They didn't seem too interested in us, but that's ok, because we were on the lookout for some LARGER black and white cetaceans - killer whales!  We'd heard reports of them in the area,  and we finally caught up with them on the north side of Sidney Island.   We hung out with the T137's and got some great looks!  After that we headed back past one of our favorites, Spieden Island, where we found groups of mouflon sheep, sika deer, a bald eagle, harbor seals and some steller sea lions.  As we continued home from there, we found plenty of sea birds and another mature bald eagle outside Thatcher Pass on a day marker.  After that we headed back in to Anacortes and had sunny blue skies all day!!!

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