A Humpback Close to Home!

La Conner Highlights
Humpback Whale in Rosario
Peregrine Falcon
Steller Sea Lions and Harbor Seals
Bald Eagles

Our fantastic weather continued today for the all-day La Conner tour.  Great blue herons, bald eagles, osprey, black oystercatchers, and all three species of cormorants were all spotted as we exited the channel to the south.  At Deception Pass, we had a fantastic sighting – a peregrine falcon on the hillside!  This is likely one of two peregrine falcons that we’ve been spotting fairly regularly near Deception Pass Bridge in the last few weeks. We also spotted pigeon guillemots in the water and more great blue herons on the shoreline.  We came across several harbor porpoise as we exited the pass towards Rosario Strait, and then made at stop at Whale Rocks to view the Steller sea lions.  We had a nice lunch on Lopez Island at the Lopez Islander Resort, and then continued on north through Upright Channel to Peavine Pass.  After a look at some harbor seals on the rocks off Blakely Island, we turned south down Rosario and found a humpback whale!  The whale had very rhythmic breathing, fluking every once in a while, and as a grand finale, the whale surprised us all and popped up right next to the boat! We passed off to another whale watching boat before we headed back toward La Conner, going under the bridge again and saw another mature bald eagle before cruising home! 

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