The Return of “Split Fin” and Spyhopping Gray Whales!

Spyhopping Gray Whale 

La Conner Highlights: 
Humpback “Split Fin”
Harbor Porpoise
Steller Sea Lions
Bald Eagles
Deception Pass Bridge

Our full-day La Conner tour got to welcome back a fan-favorite, humpback whale BCZ0298, more commonly referred as “Split Fin”, a nickname earned by the easily-recognized “split” in the animal’s dorsal fin.  Split Fin is one of our regulars at this time of year, the 2006 calf of “Big Mama” who has also been spotted in the area in recent weeks. After a morning filled with Steller sea lions, rhinoceros auklets, great blue herons, harbor porpoise, and harbor seals, we stopped to enjoy lunch in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island!  After filling our bellies, the second half of the tour was spent observing Split Fin and we even got some looks at the tail flukes before longer dives.  We headed home under Deception Pass Bridge and got an impressive acrobatic display from some mature bald eagles!   In the evening, our La Conner wildlife tour visited the bridge again and saw harbor seals, pigeon guillemots, cormorants, and more!  It was a non-stop day of wildlife from beginning to end!

Humpback “Split Fin”
Split Fin

Steller Sea Lions

Deception Pass Bridge 

Everett Highlights: 
Multiple Spyhopping Gray Whales
California Sea Lions
Bald Eagles
Harbor Seals Feeding

Our afternoon tour featured five different gray whales, with confirmed sightings of #53, #49, and #56.  We had the pleasure of seeing at least FIVE spyhops from three different whales!  Guests also got stunning looks at a mated pair of bald eagles on a piling near Jetty Island and three more juvenile bald eagles on the beach.  For our sunset tour, there were still at least five gray whales spread out in the shallow river delta feeding.  Gray whale #44 was quite photogenic, giving us great looks at his tail flukes.  We also got to see several harbor seals, including one that was feasting on something tasty!

Pair of Gray Whales 
Mature Bald Eagles
Gray Whale Flukes

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