Transient Orcas from Anacortes, Back-to-Back Gray Whales from Everett

Anacortes Highlights:
Transient Orcas T101’s, T124A’s, T65A’s
Steller Sea Lions
Immature Bald Eagles
Huge Flock of Bonaparte’s Gulls

We had calm waters and mostly sunny skies for our tour today.  Shortly after getting off the dock, we spotted turkey vultures in a nest near Cap Sante Lookout.  We ventured over to Pointer Island for a look at some sunning harbor seals and a mature bald eagle.  As we cruises northbound up Rosario Strait we saw several bald eagles, both mature and immature birds, along the Blakely Island shoreline.  Continuing north, we entered the Georgia Strait which is where we found a mother lode of transient orcas – the T101’s, T124A’s, and T65A’s!  They were grouped together nicely, allowing for excellent viewing.  We took a detour to look at some Steller sea lions and more bald eagles on the Belle Chain Islets before returning to the orcas, which were not on both sides of the boat.  Near East Point, we encountered perhaps the largest flock of Bonaparte’s gulls we’ve ever seen.  The icing on the cake was spotting a beautiful rainbow on the way home.

Everett 2:00 PM Highlights:
Gray Whales 21 and 56
California Sea Lions
Mature Bald Eagles

Only in Washington could we have both blue skies and scattered rain simultaneously!  The tour started with great looks at California sea lions on the Navy pontoons.  On the east side of Camano Island into Port Susan we spotted two gray whales off Stanwood (21 & 56).  While watching the whales, two mature bald eagles flew right over the whales and landed in the trees!  The whales were traveling closely together and feeding near shore. On the way back to the marina, we saw a California sea lion hauled out on a floating marker and got a good laugh as another tried to jump onto a buoy but missed and ended up splashing down into the water.  

Everett 6:00 PM Highlights:
Gray Whale 49, “Patch”
Mature Bald Eagle
California Sea Lions

The evening tour started off a bit cloudy, but the skies turned blue throughout the trip. We started with a mature bald eagle on the Navy pier, and just outside the marina we saw a harbor seal swimming. Next we watched the California sea lions on the navy pontoons. There were no shortage of rainbows as we travelled. Captain Carl spotted one blow crossing from Fox Spit to Elger Bay, but the whale had extremely long dive times so we continued on. Fortunately, not long after we found Gray Whale 49, “Patch”, showing lots of splashing, tail, and feeding behavior at south Elger Bay.  After some great viewing, we headed home with a beautiful sunset.

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