Humpback “Big Mama” from Anacortes, Multiple Gray Whales in Everett

Anacortes Highlights:
Humpback BCX0324 “Big Mama”
Spieden Island Wildlife
Dall’s Porpoise
Bald Eagles Galore
It was a wildlife bonanza on our Anacortes tour today!  We took a scenic inside route through the San Juan Islands stopping to watch seals and eagles along the way.  After entering San Juan Channel, we got a report of a humpback whale in Haro Strait, so we headed in that direction, but not before first swinging by Spieden Island for some fantastic looks at a variety of unique wildlife.  Steller sea lions swam nearshore as mouflon sheep grazed on the hillside.  We even caught a glimpse of a family of river otters scurrying along the water line.  Shortly before arriving on scene with our humpback, we encountered several small groups of energetic Dall’s porpoise.  A few even came over for some bow-riding!  The seas were a bit lively in Haro Strait, but we were able to get a few close looks at a local celebrity, humpback whale BCX0324, better known as “Big Mama”.  She seemed to be in resting mode, just logging near the surface, but it was great to see this whale return for the season.  She has traditionally been one of the first whales to show up to the area each spring.  After a visit to the south end of Lopez Island, we returned to the calm waters of Rosario Strait for a leisurely ride back to Anacortes.  It was the perfect end to our Anacortes opening weekend!

Everett 10:00 AM Highlights:
Gray Whales #53, #383, and #56
Bald Eagle
Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions

The trip started out rainy and it even started to hail while we were at the dock!  Once we passed the storm cloud there were blue skies ahead! We got a brief glance of a harbor seal right off the bat, and it didn’t take long for Captain Carl to spot blows off the west side of Camano Head. There were three whales in the area, identified as 53, 383, and 56.  53 and 383 were traveling together and feeding so we hung with them for a while and got some great looks. On the west side of Hat Island we found #56 and got some more excellent looks at that whale as well. We headed back to Everett and spotted a bald eagle perched on the Navy station, along with some California sea lions on the navy pontoons.

Everett 2:00 PM Highlights:
Gray Whales #53, #383, #56 and #356
Brant Geese and Bald Eagles
California Sea Lions

Our afternoon tour started with blue skies and calm seas. We headed north and saw four Brant geese on the water. On the way out we had a goofy seagull flying right over the top of us right in guests faces. Soon we caught up with the three whales from the morning tour, but they had been joined by a fourth whale #356. They were pretty spread out but two of the whales were traveling together for a bit until they parted ways at Camano Head. One went down Port Susan and the other headed toward Saratoga Passage. We stuck with the whale heading down Saratoga Passage and he hugged the tide line, showing lots of flukes and even surprising us by surfacing about ten feet from the boat.  On Camano Island we saw two bald eagles in flight.  We stopped to check out the California sea lions on the navy pontoons before returning to the dock after a great day of whale watching.  

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