Confirmed – Gray Whale #356 Is Back!

Gray Whale #356

Everett Highlights:
Gray Whale #356
California Sea Lion Lunching
Harbor Porpoise

It was a bit breezy on today’s tour, but mostly sunny which was a pleasant surprise!  Our first marine mammals of the day were several California sea lions on the pontoons near the Navy base.  As we headed north, we came across a few harbor porpoise in Saratoga Passage.  Continuing north to Baby Island, a few of our sharp-eyed passengers found a gray whale exiting Holmes Harbor.  It was Gray Whale #356!  We thought we saw him a couple of days ago, but he was being shy that day and we couldn’t quite confirm.  Glad to see him back for another season!  He turned and made his way south in Saratoga Passage allowing us to spend some quality time with him. We had some great looks as he maintained a rhythmic breathing sequence. We spotted some gulls circling nearby and went to investigate. There was a California sea lion eating some lunch! It was a skate. There were three other sea lions in the area. It was amazing to watch – National Geographic stuff as he thrashed the skate in every which way. We caught up with our gray whale once more and watched him surface a few more times before returning back home for the day.  

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