Grays Whales, Gray Whales Everywhere!

Gray Whale

Everett Highlights: 
Several Gray Whales (Possibly 21, 22, and 356)
Bald Eagles
California Sea Lions

The rains held off for our Everett tour today.  After passing some California sea lions on the pontoons near the Navy base, we found our first gray whale near Hat Island.  This first whale proved fairly elusive, so we caught up with a couple of gray whales along the Whidbey shoreline.  These whales appeared to be gray whales #21 and #22.  They surfaced regularly and gave our guests great looks as they popped up close by.  Afterward we caught up with our shy gray whale from earlier to try to make an ID.  We only caught a glimpse as this whale had long down times, but we believe it was gray whale #356.  After leaving him, we continued north and found some harbor porpoise near Camano Head.  There were a few harbor seals in the delta and more sea lions on the pontoons as we neared home, and as a special treat we found two bald eagles, one adult and one juvenile, on Jetty Island.  Based on our confirmed sightings in the last week and comparing with other sightings from the area, we believe there are not at least 6-7 confirmed individuals in the area so far this season.  Things are really heating up now! 

Gray Whale

Two Bald Eagles on Jetty Island 

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