Gray Whales and Rainbows!

The Trip Starts with a Rainbow

Everett Highlights:
Gray Whales Feeding
California Sea Lions
Navy Destroyer

We left the dock this morning with a huge rainbow over the Possession Sound. As we traveled along Jetty Island there was almost a perfect line between the sunny blue skies above and the dark black skies just to the west of us. Reaching the end of Jetty Island we got to watch a Destroyer as it returned to the Everett naval yard. After that we plunged north into the sound passing small groups of cormorants as they scouted the waters surface for food. We ventured into Port Susan where we found not one but two gray whales.  At first they were very elusive, but soon they entered the shallows off the mainland and began to feed. We got some great looks at their tail flukes and pectoral flippers as they fed.  It was awesome to see!!! After that, we headed back south into an ever darkening storm.  Luckily the wind continued to build and pushed it right past, allowing us a little more sunshine on the trip in. We did a brief slowdown outside the naval station where we got some great looks at multiple California sea lions.  A few were even jockeying for position on the naval yard fence buoys. We continued into the dock with only a little rain throughout the day and some very hungry whales.

Gray Whale

Two Gray Whales Swim Together

Gray Whale

Gray Whale 

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