Blue Skies and Bald Eagles!

Two Mature Bald Eagles in Flight

Everett Highlights:
Fred and Wilma, our resident mallards, once again came to greet our guests this morning. After that warm welcome, it was go-time and we turned and headed down Jetty island. We decided to start our search to the northeast near Hat island. On the way out we passed a buoy full of cormorants as well as some large groups of western grebes and Brant geese. We traveled north up Saratoga Passage and heavily searched the Whidbey Island coast. After reaching Baby Island, we headed south into Holmes Harbor where we had a chance encounter with a raft of California sea lions. They were playing around and having a blast with each other. The crew scoured Holmes Harbor but to no avail, and so we headed back out to Saratoga passage past Baby Island which had a few eagles perched on one of its shrubberies. We headed south along Camano Island after that, passing large groups of surf scoters and the occasional harbor porpoise. We continued the search all the way in toward the harbor where we were able to find some more California sea lions hauled out on the naval yard gate. Although there were no whales were found today, we had blue sunny skies all day and a great time was had by all!!!

“Fred” and “Wilma”
Bald Eagles on Baby Island
A Raft of California Sea Lions

California Sea Lions and Cormorant

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