It’s a Sea Lion-Eat-Skate World!

California Sea Lion Tossing a Skate
Everett Highlights: 
California Sea Lion Eating a Skate
Barrow’s Goldeneyes 
Juvenile Bald Eagle
Harbor Porpoise
The rainy weather today made it a fine day for ducks, and that’s not just an expression!  Before even leaving the dock, a flock of Barrow’s Goldeneyes, a species of duck that winters in our area, graced us with their presence.  On the way out of the marina we located an immature bald eagle on a piling.  We combed the areas near Hat Island, Port Susan, and lower Saratoga Passage but didn’t find any gray whales today, but one of our passengers alerted us to a large splash seen in the distance.  We went to investigate and had a really neat encounter – a large bull California sea lion was wrestling what appeared to be a HUGE longnose skate!  Skates are cousins of sharks and stingrays, and this one looked to be at least 4 feet long!  We watched for several minutes as he devoured the giant while fending off a large number of interested gulls.  No whales today, but our gray whale tours are guaranteed, so everyone aboard today’s tour will be able to join us free for life until they see a whale!
Barrow’s Goldeneye

Juvenile Bald Eagle

Male California Sea Lion

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