A Whale at the End of the Rainbow!

After the rain comes the rainbow!
Everett Highlights: 

Gray Whale Patch (#49)
Bald Eagle with Fish
California Sea Lions
Cascadia Research Team
One Spectacular Rainbow!

What a day! We kept the momentum from our season opener yesterday going as we left the dock in search of gray whales with some very special guests aboard: John Calambokidas and his team from Cascadia Research Collective.  John’s team has joined us regularly over the years to observe and document the behavior of our unique Puget Sound gray whale population, so it was only appropriate that today we saw not just any whale, but one of the very first gray whales to ever be identified by Cascadia in Puget Sound – Patch!  Patch was first seen in 1991 and has been returning every spring since.  Patch seemed to be actively feeding in the shallows while we watched today, and John shared some new discoveries about gray whale feeding with all of our passengers over the microphone.  While watching Patch, a quick rain/snow shower blew through, but fortunately it only lasted a few moments and left us with the most spectacular rainbow afterward!  On the way home we caught a glimpse of a bald eagle enjoying a quillback rockfish for lunch, and got to see several California sea lions near the Navy base before getting back to the dock.  Another great trip on the books!

Patch makes a “rainblow”
Gray Whale #49 “Patch”
John Calambokidas of Cascadia Research Collective
A vivid rainbow
Bald eagle lands for lunch
California sea lions

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