Speckles is Still Here!


Our friends at Orca Network had reported an unidentified whale, possibly a gray whale, feeding off the northwest side of Whidbey Island in recent days.  With our official gray whale season in Everett kicking off in a few weeks, we figured we’d head up north to do some scouting and see if any of our Puget Sound regulars had shown up for the spring yet.  We made it as far as Possession Point and gave things a thorough check, but no whale spouts up north today – soon though!

Very shortly after turning around to try our luck to the south, we got a report of a whale swimming north in Colvos Passage.  While we couldn’t be certain, based on the location we had a hunch that this could be our buddy “Speckles”, and we were right!  We intercepted this familiar face, or shall we say familiar fluke, near the northern end of Vashon Island.  Many people associate humpback whales with long migrations in winter to warmer breeding grounds, but based on size, Speckles is likely far too young to breed.  That means that as long as there’s plenty of food, which there seems to be, there’s no reason for him or her to make a long migration at this time of year – lucky for us!

We were a little late getting back to the dock today, but it was well worth the extra time spent on scene.  Stay tuned for photos and more details coming soon!

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