Liquid Sunshine Can’t Stop Us!


Large Numbers of Harbor Porpoise
California Sea Lions Playing
Harbor Seal Eating an Octopus
Bald Eagle Fly-By

We were graced with quite a lot of “liquid sunshine” on our tour today (the Washingtonian name for rain), but that never brings us down! Whale reports from this morning showed that J Pod resident orcas were far away near Vancouver Island heading out to sea, so we decided to travel south to see if we could find young humpback whale, “Speckles”, or perhaps some different whales.   Near Blake Island we saw a very large number of harbor porpoise.

As we headed down Colvos Passage, we spotted two California sea lions playing.  We also were lucky enough to catch a harbor seal in the middle of snacking on an octopus at the surface!  Shortly after, a bald eagle flew overhead.  We did a lot of searching near Point Defiance, but couldn’t find any whale spouts today.  There were plenty of California sea lions, harbor seals, and birds though.  As our time remaining grew short, we decided to head home on the east side of Vashon Island and saw yet another California sea lion sleeping on a buoy south of Alki Point.  As we sailed by the east side of Vashon Island, we kept a keen eye toward the shore, as confirmed mountain lion tracks were found on Dilworth Beach just one week ago today!  No mountain lions today unfortunately, but what a cool sighting! They occasionally have been known to swim across Colvos Passage from the Kitsap Peninsula to Vashon (who says cats don’t like water!?)

No whales today, but as far as we’re concerned, any day on the water is a great one.  Our next trip is Saturday, February 11th.

Stay tuned for pictures…

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