An Afternoon with Speckles the Humpback!


Young Humpback, “Speckles”

Our Humpback Friend, “Speckles”
Four Mature Bald Eagles
California Sea Lions
Harbor Seals

The seas were flat calm as we headed out from downtown Seattle this morning.  Our first major sighting were two California sea lions sleeping on a channel marker.  After a pause for photos, we decided to explore near Blake Island which proved a success, as we found two mature bald eagles overhead near the north of the island, and two more perched in a tree to the south.  We continued down Colvos Passage on the west side of Vashon Island and then, JACKPOT!  It was a guest that first spotted the spout of our whale today just south of Pt. Defiance.  To our delight, it was our now somewhat resident humpback whale, Speckles, so named because of the speckled pattern on his or her back and tail.

What happened next was truly incredible – just as we arrived on scene, the young whale breached, launching its entire body out of the water – what a treat!  Speckles hung around for a while, taking only short dives and showing its tail flukes before every dive.  On more than one occasion, the young whale even came near the boat to do some people-watching!  Alas, the time finally came that we had to head home, but not before seeing a few more California sea lions and harbor seals on the point.  The blue and green lights of CenturyLink Field as the Seahawks prepared for their playoff victory made for a lovely approach back to Seattle.

California Sea Lion

“Speckles”, the Young Humpback.
It appears this whale was at one point entangled, leaving scars on the tail.  Luckily, he or she is now swimming freely! 

Harbor Seal

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