Another day with the young humpback!


Common Goldeneyes at the dock

Steller sea lion

Mt. Rainer and Tacoma

His/Her name is Speckles

Lunch time


We had a super trip from Seattle today, with an abundance of wildlife throughout the day! The sun was out, the seas were calm and the animals were everywhere! We stopped along a navigational marker to watch a really large Steller sea lion sleeping while a much smaller Steller circled the marker looking for a spot to rest. Several other sea lions were spotted in Colvos Pass as we searched for whales. Approaching Pt. Defiance Capt. Carl spotted a whale! This ended up being the same whale we have seen several times this season, including yesterday. This is a very young animal, probably a year old humpback. We needed to give this awesome juvenile whale a name, and one name Carl picked out stuck. This whale has a very distinctive pattern on it’s back and tail, making ‘Speckles’ the perfect name for our little buddy. We had a blast watching this whale for the next hour as it fed along the current lines and fluked on every deep dive. Dozens of harbor seals were also in the area to take advantage of some good feeding. After leaving the humpback we passed a California sea lion that was hauled out. We had a real treat as we approached the dock. Two mature bald eagles were feeding on some bait fish as we watched! It’s pretty rare to watch eagles hunt into a bait-ball, how cool! They circled over and over capping a great day on the water!

-Michael Colahan

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