Searching for whales with poroise

Winter whale watching can be like the NFL in December, somedays do not work out as good as others.   The Island Explorer 3 left Bell Harbor today expecting to see whales, as she always does.  There has been one of our resident gray whales sighted consistently around Whidbey Island, a humpback that has been moving between Possession Point and Tacoma, and on Thursday and Friday there were resident killer whales right off Seattle.  There has also been multiple groups of transient killer whales coming in and out of Puget Sound for the last few weeks.  All of this information gave us high hopes leaving the dock even with the spotting conditions not quite perfect, due to the weather.   We did see bald eagles in flight and harbor porpoises, along with amazing views of the Seattle Skyline and Puget Sound.  Unfortunately, there were no whales on this trip.  This is good news for many of our guests, as they do get to come again for free.  Just like the Seahawks, we will regroup and be ready for next week.

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