A fine adventure in the Puget Sound!


California sea lion
Bald eagle
Elusive baleen whale

We left the dock on our search today and headed to the north. We spotted several different species of birds on our trip: Brant geese, grebes, cormorants and a bald eagle! A sharp-eyed passenger spotted a California sea lion aimed for our stern wake. We continued north toward Possession Point on Whidbey Island. We searched and searched into Admiralty Inlet. The sun poked through the clouds, treating us to a beautiful rainbow for almost an hour! We turned back toward the south, hugging the Kitsap Peninsula side, I spotted a spout in the calm water along the shoreline behind us! I saw it again! I alerted Captain Scott and we turned the boat. It was all eyes on deck as we scoured the shoreline and out into the middle of the channel. We searched and searched and searched, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to spot the animal again. We turned toward the south, in case the animal was headed that direction, but with no luck. We continued searching the Kitsap Peninsula and Bainbridge Island side of Puget Sound. We made our way back toward the dock and unfortunately weren’t able to find another, more cooperative whale. So, since no one saw a whale on our trip today, everyone gets to come back for free, for life, until they see a whale! It was a lovely day on the water and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

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