Breaching Humpback!


Our tour today took us north from Seattle on the search for whales. We saw several harbor seals lined up near the waterfront and stopped to see if they were feeding. Moving on, we continued north pushing toward Possession Point. We scanned and scanned, but nothing popped up. Capt. Carl took us toward the Possession Point navigational marker where four Steller sea lions were hauled out! They were lounging on one another and looked pretty comfy! We left the sea lions and Carl spotted a whale in the distance! We saw several exhalations and a far-off breach! We traveled into the area where the whale was and waited. And waited some more. Then, out of the blue, a huge breach right next to the boat! It was a juvenile humpback whale strutting it’s stuff! So Cool! We watched this whale for a bit and got a chance to see it’s tail come out of the water a few times! We eventually lost it in the building wind waves and went to search for more. Passing another navigation marker on the way home we spotted a large California sea lion hauled out as another sea lion circled the buoy. This other big boy launched out of the water and landed on the marker! We had a really nice Seattle skyline tour that Tyson narrated for us as we approached the dock. What a day with a sweet breach from our humpback buddy!

-Michael Colahan

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