Orcas and a gray from Seattle!


-Beautiful day, no rain
-Gray whale #723

We took off from our slip at the marina with a hearty group of folks! We headed north on our search today with flat calm waters and no rain! We trekked toward Admiralty Inlet and we spotted fins! We had members of our fish eating orcas! The whales we spotted were members of J pod: J16 (Slick), J26 (Mike), J42 (Echo), J50 (Scarlett), J27 (Blackberry), J31 (Tsuchi), J39 (Mako), J17 (Princess Angeline), J35 (Tahlequah), J44 (Moby), J46 (Star), J47 (Notch), J53 (Kiki), J22 (Oreo), J34 (Doublestuf), J38 (Cookie), L87 (Oynx), J37 (Hy’Shqa), J40 (Suttles), J45 (Se’Yi-chn), J49 (T’ilem Enges) and J19 (Shachi). We spent a lot of time with these whales as they swam right by us multiple times! It was amazing! They were fishing and socializing! We enjoyed watching these whales frolic in the calm waters! Eventually, we had to start to head back toward home port – we were already going to be late! As we picked up speed to head back, Captain Carl found us another species of whale! We had found our gray whale buddy #723, Lucy(fer)! We had a few great looks at him, but he definitely surprised us by coming right over to the boat! Incredible! We watched him for a few more minutes before we had to head back to Seattle. What a day! 

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