T137’s Rule!


 WOW! We had an amazing trip from Pier 66 Seattle today, as Tyson found the whales and we enjoyed one of the best encounters of the year! We had an early report of killer whales to the south, but no one had eyes on them for several hours, so we were on the search. We had a California sea lion pop up close as we left the dock, and there were harbor seals surfacing everywhere throughout the day. We spotted a really nice group of Dall’s porpoise as we approached Tacoma. The porpoise engaged and played in both our bow and stern wake! Tyson spotted the orcas exiting Carr Inlet and the killer whales blew us away with their activities! They got into a mix of harbor seals and we watched them hunt for the next hour! This was the T137’s, one of my all-time favorite families! T137D breached several times, and the orcas circled their prey and pushed a seal right up to the boat! It was a day for the ages, as we watched the National Geographic Channel live right next to us! Unbelievable! After finishing off the distraught harbor seal, the orcas moved on and we cruised back to Seattle, with one of the best trips to remember!

If anyone on the trip was interested in the photos from the tour but did not get a chance to contact me, feel free to do so on my webpage:


-Michael Colahan

from Blogger http://ift.tt/2fj8QJO


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