The extra mile pays off!!!!


Decent weather
Occasional harbor porpoise
T137 orcas making a kill
Gray whale #723 south of Whidbey

Naturalist Log:

The forecast and the surrounding sky were no indication today as to how epic the trip was going to be. With dark black clouds aloft both sides of the Puget sound and gray clouds up above the weather was not looking promising. We headed out of the marina though with determination in our eyes and adventure in our hearts. At first we crossed through Elliot bay before crossing the traffic lanes to the south toward Blake island, at which time we read a report of animals to our north. With that Captain Scott spun the boat and put her down plunging us north into the unknowns of the Possession sound. With rainy and windy weather the bird life was almost non existent other than the occasional seagull. We continued on regardless of the seas past the Clinton ferry landing and Gedney island until we had just about given up hope. Captain Scott was going to look for another minute and twenty seconds before making our turn back south, he raised his field goggles(binoculars) up for one last look to the north and out of nowhere T137A’s dorsal fin came rising out of the water!!! It took a couple minutes to dial in the orcas but once we did we were in for a treat!!! We received a lot of close behavior and were even lucky enough to watch them make a kill and eat their prey. It was spectacular and at one point T137B spy hopped with some guts in its mouth giving us a great look at what they were having for lunch. Unfortunately it was not identifiable at this time in the eating process but we hypothesize that it may have been one of the harbor porpoise we had been seeing in the area. After watching the whales for a while it was time to continue back south to our home port. Not even two minutes after we passed Possession point we encountered a gray whale, and not just any gray whale but #723 Lucy!!! We got some great looks before finally having to press on back toward Seattle. On the return trip the winds began to pick up and as it does in the Northwest, the sun quickly disappeared over the horizon. It was a spectacular day especially getting to see orcas feeding and a gray whale!!! Definitely a highlight in my mind as far as trips go!!!!

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