Seattle sea lions, sunshine and a DOUBLE RAINBOW!


-California sea lions
-Mature bald eagle
-Steller sea lions
-Beautiful rainbow

We left the dock at Bell Harbor Marina under a few rain showers. The first wildlife we spotted was a California sea lion hauled out on a navigational marker. He was definitely giving us his good side. We searched toward the south toward Vashon Island. We made our way to Blake Island and found a mature bald eagle perched in a tree. We circumnavigated the island and turned north on our search. We found another sea lion, this time it was a Steller sea lion perched on another navigational marker. Some sharp-eyed passengers spotted numerous harbor porpoise throughout our journey. We scoured the waters to the north, all the way to Possession Point on Whidbey Island. The rain continued to dissipate and eventually the skies got brighter and brighter and the sun came out! We came across another navigational marker that had both a California sea lion and a Steller sea lion hauled out. As the sun continued to pierce through the clouds, a rainbow started to form! It ended up being a full rainbow and then a very faint double rainbow! It was beautiful! We continued back toward homeport and unfortunately, we didn’t see a whale today, which means all of our passengers get to come back free, for life, until they see a whale!

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