Island Explorer 3 finds Orcas from Seattle!


Well, the weather turned out pretty nice today with rain early that passed through and left us dry for the tour! After passing the Seattle waterfront we were on the search for whales! An early report of orcas led us to the north where we found J and K Pod Resident Killer Whales! We first spent time with Squim, Sekui, Tika, and Rainshadow. They were joined by Onyx and one of the bigger males tail-lobbed! Another orca spyhopped in the distance! They were spread out over many miles, some were west of Possession Point in the traffic lanes and others were all the up north to the Mukilteo ferry landing. We saw lots of foraging behaviors, as these whales often come down to Seattle in the winter to search for salmon. We caught up with Blackberry and Doublestuf also foraging and Doublestuf passed right next to our bow! Capt. Carl spooted more animals including a calf so we went to check them out. It was Princess Angeline and her calf J53! The little one tail-lobbed and even breached! We had a great encounter with them and enjoyed a nice run back to Seattle.

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