It can’t be November!!!!


Perfect Weather all day
California Sea lions on a channel marker
Stellar Sea lion fishing
Humpback whale outside Elliot bay

Naturals Log:

The morning started off with lots of dark clouds looming around the Seattle waterfront. In no time at all, however, the dark clouds began to push away, revealing beautiful blue skies above. At the start of the trip we headed west out of Elliot bay and then south down along Vashon island. After heading south for a while we were graced with some amazing looks at Mount Rainier. The lighting was perfect and allowed for a lot of photo opportunities with the mountain in the background!!! Not much longer after that we discovered our first wildlife of the trip. A couple of California sea lions were hauled out on a navigational buoy taking a Sunday snooze and we were able to get some great looks at them!!! We continued south after that passed Des Moines and into the narrows just north of the Tacoma narrows bridge. Here we were joined by hundreds of birds that were feeding in the waters and one lone stellar sea lion. Then reports began to come in about an animal to our north and so we headed that direction.  We spotted the whale just as we passed the north end of Vashon island, it’s huge blow sticking out from quite a ways away. After getting on scene and allowing the whale to get comfortable with us we enjoyed many great looks including a couple of tail shots. It was a beautiful show with the Seattle water front in the background, and a great line up with the space needle. After the whale began heading back southwest again we had to depart and head for homeport. It was a spectacular day to be on the water and the humpback whale made it even more special!!!!

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