Humpbacks in the wind!!!

Port Angeles

Bald eagles on Ediz hook and near Beecher bay
Surf scoters, common murres and Heermans gulls throughout the day
Two different humpback whales

Naturalist log:

In the morning as we left the marina, a dark ominous cloud slowly climbed over the Olympic mountains toward the Salish sea. We cruised down Ediz hook where we found two bald eagles. They were mature birds and they were both perched on radio towers at the end of the hook. As one took flight to go out and hunt we turned to the north and did the same. We headed up into Canadian waters and then continued west toward the Pacific Ocean. As we neared Sooke inlet we encountered our first humpback whale. In the beginning it was being very elusive as it was in travel mode. Soon the whale slowed down and went into a sleep pattern and we got some nice close looks at it as he kept swimming. We got a few good looks at the flukes and then turned east and headed to Race rocks. As we were headed to the light house a bald eagle passed off our stearn on its way into Canada. When we got to Race rocks we found dozens of California sea lions and Stellar sea lions sparring with each other all around the boat. As we cruised through Race pass we spotted a lone elephant seal sleeping up on the Race rocks boat launch, it was massive!!! After that we continued east until we encountered another humpback whale. It took a while to zero in on the whale but once the animal was comfortable with us it began to give a great show. Giving nice close surfacings and becoming very predictable. We arrived back at the dock just in time as it began to sprinkle just as the last guests departed the boat. All in all it was a great day out on the water!!

Naturalist Tyson

Photos to come

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