The End of an Era!


Our last tour from Anacortes today was also a last trip for the Island Explorer 3 from this dock, as the boat will move to Port Angeles next year to run tours from the Olympic Peninsula. For ten seasons this vessel has been a workhorse, and I couldn’t personally think of a better office to work in, as she has been a fantastic platform for viewing animals and teaching so many people about our beautiful area. Today’s trip was a worthy send-off, with a really nice variety of animals and some beautiful sun breaks along the way. Common loons, belted kingfishers, and river otters were spotted as we left the marina. We saw several bald eagles fly right by us as we cruised through the San Juan Islands. At Whale Rocks the Steller sea lions were hauled out to rest. We had a treat today with several groups of Dall’s porpoise engaging with our bow wake. Watching these agile animals dart back and forth thrilled our guests for certain. We found two humpback whales near the Lime Kiln Lighthouse, and another humpback BCZ0470 near Henry Island. What a day on the water and a great wrap-up for our Anacortes season!

-Michael Colahan

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