J and KPod Orcas!!!


Orcas near Port Townsend
Bald Eagles
Harbor Seals

We had beautiful October weather today, and enjoyed an awesome trip from Anacortes! We traveled south into Admiralty Inlet and found both J and KPod Orcas pointed north! We first spent time with K12 Sequim and K37 Rainshadow foraging. Rainshadow breached right next to the boat! K33 Tika was close by as well, and we had an awesome pass from J41 Eclipse and her young calf, traveling with K27 Deadhead and K44 Ripple. Soon, a large group of whales was nearby. J2 Granny, L87 Onyx, K21 Cappuccino, K26 Lobo, J27 Blackberry and many others were resting as they entered the Strait of Juan de Fuca. After leaving the killer whales we slowed along Minor Island, where well over a hundred harbor seals were hauled out. At Burrows Island, a mature bald eagle was perched near the lighthouse. We also saw a great blue heron, some surf and white-winged scoters, common murres and common loons. A great day!

-Michael Colahan

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