Orcas and humpback doubleheader out of Anacortes! We go way out west!


-Steller sea lions
-Bald eagles
-Harbor porpoise
-Humpback whale
-Race Rocks Lighthouse

We left on our trip today under rainy and windy conditions, but the weatherperson got it wrong, because the majority of our trip we were dry and even saw some sun breaks! The wind never picked up either! We spotted a Steller sea lion feeding just north of Bird Rocks. There was another Steller sea lion hauled out on the rocks and a mature bald eagle perched on the sign. We continued south and found harbor porpoise throughout our day. The weather continued to improve and we headed way out west to catch up to the orcas our sister ship, the IE4 had picked up! We weren’t able to identify the animals right off the bat, but we will see what we can do! At the same time we were getting the orcas dialed in, Tyson found us a humpback whale! It was pretty close, so we had a few great looks at the humpback, before we reacquired the orcas! They were two marine mammal eating orcas, known as Bigg’s killer whales or transient orcas. It looked like they were in hunting mode as they circled and we saw bubbles rise to the surface. We never saw any prey, but it looked like they probably had something. After they circled and started to maintain a rhythmic breathing again, they had actually changed directions and were headed west. It was time for us to depart as well, we had come a long way and it paid off with a doubleheader, just south of the Race Rocks Lighthouse!  On our way home we spotted another Steller munching on some food and another bald eagle was perched on the Davidson Rock marker. It ended up being a wonderful day, we were a little late back to the dock, but it was worth it!

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