Brooke saves the day and finds some humpbacks!

-Big Mama and calf Poptart
-Bald eagles
-Harbor seals and porpoise

The wind waves were up today, but we picked a relatively calm path and had a great day under sunny skies. We saw some really active harbor porpoise and a common loon as we left the marina. We slowed along Pea Pod Rocks and saw many harbor seals and two mature bald eagles. The wind was howling in Boundary Pass, and we were pretty much the only boat out there searching for whales. Brooke ran to the helm, as she had spotted a blow several miles away near Skipjack Island! Sweet! This turned out to be two humpback whales, BCY0324 Big Mama and her newest calf, Poptart. We spent the next hour watching these whales close by as they surfaced, often times right next to us. We love Big Mama! The wind calmed down and we cruised back to the dock enjoying sun instead of the forecast rain!

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