T’s for two…

Port Angeles
Lots of bird activity
Brief visit with a humpback
Lots of time spent with transient orca whales
Blue skies and calm seas

Naturalist log: 
The morning started with lots of thick heavy fog piling into the Salish sea as it poured out of the western straits. Soon Canada was disappearing and visibility really began to dwindle. Thankfully the sun was already high above doing everything it could to clear away the fog. As we left the dock and out of the bay the fog continued to clear leaving cool lighting in the olympics as well as some great visibility on the water. Leaving the harbor we headed west out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Some small swells were rolling in from the Pacific Ocean but the water was still quite pleasant to be on. We  were scouring the waters and seeing lots of birds and logs but no whales…yet. Soon we got a call from our Canadian friends telling us about a group of orcas they found just a little to our west. And with that we turned and headed that direction. It didn’t take long before we were on scene with not only transient orcas and a humpback whale. At this point we were just waiting for the two species to battle but the humpback did not have a care in the world about the orcas and continued swimming off doing some deep deep dives. The orcas however continued east allowing us to follow along for quite some time, it was at this time we learned it was the T137’s, the same whales who had a run in with some gray whales in Everett of this season. It was surprising how little the two species really acknowledged each other’s presence after we considered who the orcas were. We got many great looks and had a blast with orcas before continuing our search to the east and eventually coming back into the docks under blue skies with calm seas all around!!!!
Naturalist Tyson Reed
Photos by Alethea Leddy

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