Triple Header from Anacortes!


-Minke Whale
-Two Humpback Whales
-Steller sea lions

Our day from Anacortes was incredible, with sun, calm seas, and an awesome variety of animals, including three different types of whales! We saw harbor porpoise in Rosario Strait and slowed along Bird Rocks to visit with some harbor seals and Steller sea lions! After, we traveled south and west into the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Capt. Scott spotted a minke whale. This was a whale we recognized, ‘Nick Jagger’, based on a distinctive notch on the whale’s dorsal fin. Continuing north, we got word of other whales to the north! First, humpback whale in Boundary Pass. Other captains ID’d this whale as a regular animal we see in the Salish Sea, ‘Heather’. We were not done yet though, as Scott announced that Orcas were close by! The T36A’s and T65B’s were just up the road! These marine-mammal eating orcas were a treat to watch, as they traveled along Saturna Island, B.C. They slowed past Java Rocks, and the harbor seals hauled out on the rocks were looking nervous! Quickly, the killer whales stalled out, and the hunt for food was on! They circled their prey and some of the young animals tail-lobed and spy-hopped. What an awesome encounter! On the way home we found another humpback whale, aka Yogi, near the Pea Pod Rocks! What a day with all kinds of wildlife!

-Michael Colahan

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