Resident Orcas on a stunning afternoon!


-Killer whale calves steal the show
-Harbor seals

Our trip today started with some common loons and belted kingfishers near the harbor. The weather was outstanding, with sun breaking through intense cloud formations throughout the region. We saw harbor porpoise galore in Rosario Strait as we so often do. A mature bald eagle swooped in through a huge group of birds that were feeding on a bait-ball at the surface. Another bald eagle was perched on the Davidson Rock marker and some harbor seals were hauled out on Colville Island. Soon after we were on scene with orcas! The first whales we saw were J17 Princess Angeline and her youngest calf J53 Kiki. They passed right next to us! J22 Oreo and her son J38 Cookie were close by as well. We next saw J26 Mike and his mom J16 Slick. Slick also came right up to the boat with her youngest Scarlett! J36 Alki, J42 Echo, and J52 Sonic were goofing off at the stern. J19 Sachi was babysitting her grandson J51 Nova, as the young calf swam close to her. J27 Blackberry and the K13’s surprised us at the stern for an awesome grand finale! What an awesome day to be on the water!

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