Transient Orcas wow us!


-Transient Orcas
-Harbor seals and harbor porpoise
-Steller sea lions
-Bald eagles

What a trip we had from Anacortes today, with a wonderful variety of wildlife to visit with under sunny skies! We saw a common loon and harbor porpoise near Anacortes. Harbor seals were hauled out on Bird Rocks and a mature bald eagle was on the Davidson Rock marker. We traveled into the Strait of Juan de Fuca where we encountered several pods of transient orcas! The T10’s, T36A’s, T37A’s, and T65B’s. Thirteen orcas total for a fun superpod visit! The killer whales were together in a resting line after they had finished off a kill when we arrived. We had awesome looks at all of them and they paid our sister ship the Island Explorer 4 a very close pass and followed that up by passing right next to our boat! We stopped at Whale Rocks to watch dozens of Steller sea lions hauled out before heading home after a fantastic day!

-Michael Colahan

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