An adventure like no other!!!! (Port Angeles)

Port Angeles

Harbor seals on end of Ediz hook
Lots of bird life throughout the trip
Steller sea lions and California sea lions at Race rocks
Transient orcas to the east  T10’s, 11’s, and 37’s

Naturalist Log:

The day began on the rather crisp side this morning, a light had lingered through the night pushing much of the would be fog out of the area. We had our first wildlife as we left the marina and passed a large group of harbor seals hauled out on some log rafts. We got some brief looks and continued out along Ediz hook. The harbor was filled with different types of birds including some common loons and a bunch of common murres. We watched the local coast guard tested out some of their signal flares and then plunged forward into the Salish sea. After rounding the end of the hook we found dozens of seal hauled out right next to the water line of the beach. After the oohs and ahhs died out we continued north then to the west. We continued that way for a bit before turning north east and heading up toward Race rocks. Here we saw dozens of California and Stellar sea lions, barking and growling away at each other. After leaving Race rocks we headed east toward reports of orca whales. When we first arrived the orcas began to slap their tails and fool around with each other!!! We were getting some amazing views and had no idea how much better it was about to get. The orcas took a turn and headed right toward the boat passing right next to us and underneath us!!! It was so amazing!!!! We then continued to parallel view the animals when again they came in and gave and extraordinary pass, turning on their sides to look up at the passengers. It was so amazing to see that many orcas that close into the boat!!!! We then headed south and continued toward Port Angeles at this point, still on the search as we cruised. The sun was out and the world was warming up nicely for the day as we swung by multiple bait balls to investigate, hoping for some more whales. We returned to Port Angeles after a phenomenal day out on the water!!!!
Photos-Lee Leddy

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