WAY out west for a triple header out of Anacortes!


-Harbor porpoise
-Harbor seals
-Bald eagle
-Gray whale
-Steller sea lions
-California sea lions
-Elephant seals
-Sea Otter
-Minke whale

We got off the dock today with blue skies and flat calm seas! We saw numerous harbor porpoise throughout out entire journey. We spotted some harbor seals hauled out on Bird Rocks. At the Davidson Rock marker, we found a mature bald eagle. We headed west today and Captain Scott found us our first whale of the day! It ended up being a gray whale! He was pretty elusive but we did get a good enough look to ID it as a gray whale! We continued west, and boy, did we go west! We made it past the Race Rocks Lighthouse! We spotted some Dall’s porpoise, but we were on a mission! There were some of our fish eating orcas that were way west of Victoria, Canada, going west! We had to catch them! And when we did, it was amazing! We were greeted by J38 (Cookie) breaching twice! We had some amazing looks at J16 (Slick) and her newest kiddo J50 (Scarlett). J42 (Echo) also passed right off the stern of the boat! We caught some glimpses at J26 (Mike) as we departed scene. We spent some quality time with the orcas, but we had to head home after an extremely long run to catch up to where they were! We were able to spend a few minutes navigating through the Race Rocks Ecological Preserve where we spotted Steller sea lions, California sea lions, at least three elephant seals AND a SEA OTTER! It was one of the rare times we were able to find a sea otter! Awesome! We continued toward home, but we weren’t done yet! We found a minke whale off Iceberg Point on Lopez Island! We had some great looks at this guy, making our trip officially a triple header! We cruised home, a bit late, but no one seemed to notice! We definitely went the extra mile(s) into Canada for a wonderful day on the Salish Sea! 


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