Humpback and five feeding minke whales out of Anacortes!


-Harbor porpoise
-Harbor seals
-River otters
-Humpback whale
-Minke whales

We left the marina today on our search and headed down Guemes Channel to Rosario Strait. We stopped by Bird Rocks and found numerous harbor seals hauled out and a couple river otters running around the top of the rocks. We continued into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Throughout our entire trip today we spotted harbor porpoise. We made our way down toward the Olympic Peninsula where we found a humpback whale! This animal was incredible cooperative, never really going down on a deeper dive. Our humpback had a consistent dive pattern and surfaced about every minute! We also caught a few glimpses of a minke whale who was also in the area! Officially a double header! We hung out with our humpback friend for quite some time as he zigged and zagged, generally trending west. Eventually, we had to head back toward homeport. We cruised over Partridge Bank and found four more minke whales! So, we had to stop and hang out for awhile! They lunged through some incredibly active bait balls! It was awesome to see these guys eating lunch!  We continued home under beautiful blue skies and flat calm waters!

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