Minke Madness from Anacortes!


-Harbor seal
-Great blue heron
-Harbor porpoise
-Steller sea lions
-Curious minke
-Feeding minkes
-Harbor seals

We departed the Cap Sante Marina this morning right away had a harbor seal hauled out and a great blue heron perched on rocks, side by side. The fog cleared as we pushed west! We put out a good search pattern and headed through the inner islands. We spotted numerous harbor porpoise throughout our journey today. At Whale Rocks, we found several Steller sea lions hauled out enjoying the sunshine. We searched Salmon Bank and found what turned out to be an incredible cooperative and curious minke whale! This whale cruised the entire length of the boat at close range, then circled back around! We had some great looks at this animal underwater! We could even see his white stripes on his pec fins! Eventually, we headed off in search of other animals and we found a feeding frenzy of minke whales! There were three that all surfaced within about 200 yards of each other! One of them even lunged through a bait ball right at us! It was awesome! We had some great looks at these animals at Partridge Bank. We checked out Minor Island where we found hundreds of harbor seals hauled out. We cruised north up Rosario Strait, continuing on our search toward homeport. What a great day in the Strait of Juan de Fuca!

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