We find a Humpback and save the day!


Well, the rest of the whale watch fleet from the islands can thank our naturalist, Brooke, for finding a humpback whale and saving the day! The wind waves were up today and and the gusts were howling, so we took a route into somewhat calmer waters to look for wildlife. It started right away with a common loon near the dock and some harbor seals hauled out on a local dock. A Steller sea lion was in Thatcher Pass, and we stopped to check this big boy out. Cruising along Spieden Island we saw Fallow deer and Mouflon sheep. Brooke then called out “I’ve got him!” A humpback whale! Awesome! This was BCY0409 aka ‘Yogi’. Brooke was mentioning something interesting as well. She had seen this whale two years in a row in the same location on almost the same date. It seems like Yogi likes Spieden Channel at the end of September! We had great looks at the tail of this whale on multiple occasions, and the whipping winds threw spray off this behemoth on every surfacing. Out of nowhere Yogi did two cartwheels, showing us it’s true power! Sweet! A great find. We took a nice, calm trip back to the dock, enjoying the San Juan Islands as the rain held off for us.

 Photos tomorrow!
-Michael Colahan

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