J and KPod Killer whales in Canada!


 What a day we had from Anacortes on our tour! We had a beautiful day on the water and ended up with an awesome encounter with Southern Resident Killer Whales! Before getting on scene with orcas we saw many, many harbor porpoise and a Steller sea lion feeding on a spiny dogfish! Our time with the orcas was fantastic, with great views of so many whales! We saw all of JPod and KPod, with over 40+ animals to visit with! They were all lined up and resting to start as we approached East Pt. from the Strait of Georgia. The strong current waters that collide near this area are a great spot to watch orcas, as they often time start to go ballistic! Today was no exception, as they soon woke up and started having some fun! We saw tail-lobs and spy-hops and breaches as well! All with Saturna Island, B.C. as the spectacular backdrop! At one point some of the whal
es turned right toward us and thrilled us with a very close look!
-Michael Colahan

from Blogger http://ift.tt/2dfhpVK


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