J34 (Doublestuf) steals the show! And a gray whale!


-River otters
-Harbor seals
-Harbor porpoise
-Gray whale
-Steller sea lions
-Bald eagle

We left the dock under sunny skies with flat calm waters ahead! At Bird Rocks, we stopped off to check out some harbor seals and we happened to catch some glimpses at a couple of river otters scampering around the rocks! We found numerous harbor porpoise throughout the day. We headed out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca and it wasn’t too long before we were on scene with some orcas! The first orca we hung out with was J2 (Granny). She swam right off the bow. We also hung out with J26 (Mike), J16 (Shachi), J38 (Cookie), K33 (Tika), K12 (Sequim), K37 (Rainshadow), K43 (Saturna), but it was J34 (Doublestuf) who stole the show! He fished right off our bow for about 20 minutes! It was amazing to see him go after the fish with such power! Eventually, we had to head back toward home port, but not before we spotted some more wildlife! We had a gray whale exiting San Juan Channel! He gave us some great looks as he maintained a rhythmic breathing sequence as he headed south. Then we found several Steller sea lions hauled out on Whale Rocks. We also spotted (albeit very difficult to see in the shadows) a mature bald eagle on Long Island. We continued home after a double header and another lovely September day for the books!

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