Steller sea lions steal the show and do a little bit of people watching!


-Plethora of harbor porpoise
-Harbor seals
-Canada goose
-Great blue heron
-Minke whales
-Curious Steller sea lions
-Huge bait balls

We left on our trip today with flat calm waters and headed south. We saw so many harbor porpoise throughout out entire trip! We did a slow down through the south end of Lopez Island where we spotted several harbor seals, marbled murrelets, a great blue heron, a Canada goose and a bald eagles nest. We also slid by Swirl Rocks and found more harbor seals. We cruised out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We were on the search. At Partridge Bank, we spotted at least three minke whales! We had a couple of great looks as we paralleled viewed them. They were fairly elusive as we tried to dial them in. We continued on our search and found five Steller sea lions who were quite curious about us. They kept popping up right next to the boat, checking us out! They would resurface from their deeper dive and continue to stare us. It was definitely a unique experience! We continued on our search and found another Steller sea lion who was just finishing up his dinner! We found several bait balls at the south end of Rosario Strait, the bird action was crazy! We cruised home as the fog continued to clear.

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