Hangin’ with Humpbacks!

Port Angeles

At Least a Dozen Humpbacks
Harbor Seals
Steller’s Sea Lion Snacking

It was another great day to be on the water!  After seeing some snoozing harbor seals at the end of Ediz Hook, we spotted a Steller’s sea lion munching on a large fish, much to the delight of some opportunistic gulls that snagged a few scraps.  Our first whales came relatively soon in the trip as Captain Carl found a pair of humpback spouts while on the way toward Vancouver Island.  As those two whales went down for a deep dive, we located yet another spout to make our tally three humpback whales so far. 

From that point on we were simply running up the score as we continued west toward several other groups bringing our count for the day to at least a dozen humpbacks with more spouts in the distance. Each and every whale we saw was cooperative in showing their tails for our passengers.  While we were able to get plenty of fluke shots, very few of these whales were in our ID catalogs!  Notable animals included a whale nicknamed “Hydra” that was first spotted last year and humpback CS262 first seen in 2008, but most of the other whales spotted today are new to the area and not yet identified!  As humpback populations increase around the globe, we are delighted to see new individuals enter the Salish Sea in such large numbers.

Because of today’s glassy sea conditions, many of our photos look more like oil paintings!  Enjoy the highlights below!


Humpback Flukes
Red-Necked Phalarope
Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale with Race Rocks in Background
Humpback “Hydra”
Humpback Whale with Olympic Mountains
Humpback Whale
Humpback Whale

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