KPod Orcas!



KPod Orcas!
Steller sea lions!

Our trip from Anacortes took us south into the Strait of Juan de Fuca where we found two species of whales. A stop at Bird Rocks was the first highlight, with looks at dozens of harbor seals hauled out near the water’s edge. We saw harbor porpoise all day long, and so many birds feeding on bait fish at the surface. Often times the birds were accompanied by harbor seals, who would zip through the bait balls to feast! We found two minke whales at Salmon Bank who were also in on the feeding frenzy! Along San Juan Island we caught up with Southern Resident Killer whales from Kpod. We spent most of out time today with the K13’s. First it was K34 Cali, and we watched him chasing fish. Next, it was big brother K25 Scoter with his mom K13 Skagit, and sister and nephew, K27 Deadhead and K44 Ripple. K20 Spock and her son K38 Comet were fishing in the currents to the north. After leaving we stopped at Whale Rocks to watch the Steller sea lions and Long Island to spot a bald eagle near a nest. Sunshine and calm seas for us again today as well!

I’ll post photos once my computer comes back from the shop!

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