Sunny with a Chance of Whales!

Port Angeles

T11 Orcas
Unidentified Humpback
Pinniped “Grand Slam” at Race Rocks
Weather as Good as it Gets!

    The weather today was surreal in its perfection, so much so that even if we had seen no whales at all, most aboard would have walked away on Cloud Nine.  That said, of course we wanted to find whales, and find whales we did!

    Not long after rounding Ediz Hook and entering the Strait of Juan de Fuca, we spotted our first spouts of the day.  While we saw two humpback whales, one was spending more time at the surface than the other, so we decided to watch the more accommodating whale.  We didn’t get a good look at the tail, but while we couldn’t get a positive ID, we got some nice views with the Olympic Mountain Range in the background.

    We didn’t want to linger too long since we’d heard reports of a second whale type in the area – killer whales!  Captain Carl headed for Becher Bay where we met up with a pair of transient (mammal-eating) killer whales, T11 and her adult son, T11A.  The duo hugged the coastline, giving several sea lions a scare, but luckily for the sea lions, they didn’t seem hungry at the time.

    The T11’s led us straight toward Race Rocks, so we circled around for a pass and got to check four different species of pinniped off the list: harbor seals, California sea lions, Steller’s sea lions, and Northern elephant seals.  On the way home we caught up with our humpback whale from earlier (based on the dorsal fin), who now appeared to be in resting mode, cruising slowly without taking any deep dives.  A treat for birders, while watching the humpback, a Pomarine jaeger flew overhead.

    Tomorrow’s forecast promises more of the same.  Can’t wait to get out there again!


    T11 and Son, T11A
    Steller’s Sea Lion in Foreground, Elephant Seals in Background

    Humpback Whale and Mt. Baker

    Pomarine Jaeger
    Humpback Whale and Olympic Mountains
    Humpback Whale

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