J-pod at the South end of Lopez Island

Anacortes am
*J-pod orcas playing around and fishing
*Lots of orca calf time with J50, J52, J53, and J54
*J17 and J16 subpods today

We traveled to the south end of Lopez Island to watch J-pod killer whales today!  Along the way we spotted harbor seals, and harbor porpoise.  When we arrived on the scene with southern resident killer whales the first two orcas we spotted were J28, Polaris, and her calf from last year, J54.  They swam by then we checked out other members of the J17 subpod on the other side of the boat.  J17, Princess Angeline, and her youngest offspring J53, and J44, Moby were traveling together.  At the same time the J16 subpod was coming in on the other side of the boat and they started getting very playful!  J42, Echo, was playing around with J50, Scarlet, for a long time before they finally caught up with mom, J16, Slick!  We saw a couple of spyhops and a bunch of rolling around and playful behaviors duri9ng our visit with these orcas.  Next we came across an L-pod group that was being accompanied by J26, Mike.  Judging by the activity that ensued, he must have had love on his mind.  We watched lots of splashing around, and we even saw a breach in there!  What an amazing day on the water!  Naturalist Bart Rulon

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